A new way to do donations

Customize Button

Customize size and color of the pling button, show $ amount or # supporters.

Donation List

Receive donations + comments and interact via reply.

Supporter Box

Build a community of supporters and show them on your products site.

Multiple Payment Providers

Select between different payment providers (currently: Paypal, more in the near future)


software, games, comics, music, art

Ever wondered what to do with your work? How about you decide to make the world a better place and share them: Pling helps you collect donations and your users to express their appreciation for your work.


pling donation button, supporters, feedback

With Pling, your product will get noticed, so users can help you keep your projects going by donating to your products, reach you with their ideas and spread the word about what they love. You can embedd the pling button, box and comments on any of your sites.

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